A golf community is generally defined as a residential community developed around a golf course that serves as the centerpiece of the community. Golf communities in the Port Orange area have some of the finest homes, award-winning, championship courses, and elegant clubhouses that the state of Florida has to offer. Of course, the main advantage to living in a golf community is that residents can enjoy a great game of golf, without a long drive, conveniently within minutes of home. Some people that live in golf communities may keep their own golf cart and drive right to the first tee. Living on the course gives an avid golfer more time to practice and play.

The ambience of living in a golf community is upscale. Most are gated communities that offer luxurious, but comfortable homes, five star golf courses and clubhouses that offer the finest amenities. Many include a restaurant on the premises, some offer a swimming pool and a calendar of ongoing events. There is a certain prestige to living on a golf course and homeowners generally get what they wantógorgeous views of a manicured golf course in a private setting. Most homes today are built far enough away from the fairways and greens that even the wildest shots canít reach the houses, so broken windows, etc., are less of a problem than in some of the earlier developments. Depending on the location of the home, a loss of privacy may sometimes be a concern. The view may be beautiful, but it might also mean golfers standing on the tee box are able to see inside your den window. Most people, however, find the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages to living in a golf community.

Homes surrounding a golf course, especially one with an elite clubhouse or country club communities, generally retain resale values. However, in a down economy, if the golf course should happen to fail, this could prove devastating for property values.


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